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Guest harbour
Cottage rental

Guest harbour, cottage accommodation, Café Salve, food service, group booking, activities, outdoor life and summer camp

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Harbour Office

tel. +358 50 4494646

Simon Strömsund

tel. +358 40 7071425

Linus Söderlund

tel. +358 50 5919401


Brännskär Nagu, 21650 LILLANDET

Vierasvenesatama suomen saaristossa Brännskär


Wooden boats, log cabins, jetties, furniture and wood design

Lennart Söderlund

tel. +358 40 7373905

Brännskär Nagu, 21650 LILLANDET


Träbåtar båtbygge Brännskär

Theater performances, workshops in drama, dance and acrobatics

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Ida Törnroos

tel. +358 40 7463085


Brännskär Nagu, 21650 LILLANDET

Teater Kojan Brännskär


"To work for a living archipelago by promoting and supporting the opportunities for permanent residence in and moving into the archipelago, and work to promote in other ways a sustainable economic, ecological and socio-cultural development in the Åboland archipelago"


Anna Franzén, executive director

tel. +358 40 0139761

       Mikael Söderholm, chairman

                  tel. +358 40 0224224

Näsby, 21760 HOUTSKÄR

Brännskär satama



Brännskär is located in the southwestern archipelago of Finland, in Åboland, south of Nagu on the edge of the outer archipelago. The island is not far from Kirjais in Nagu which is connected to the mainland via bridges and road ferries.


It is easy to find the guest harbour by boat, but it is also possible to get to Brännskär if you come via the mainland by car. Then drive down to Kirjais, where you can leave the car in the parking lot and from there you can take the connecting boat Ms Nordep or Cheri out to Brännskär. Another alternative is to drive down to Pärnäs, at Nagu-Korpo ferry berth and take the connecting boat Cheri the last nautical miles. You can also get to Pärnäs by bus.

+358 40 0227722
Ms Falkö
+358 400 320 097
Midsommar/Juhannus 2023
Midsommar/Juhannus 2023
24 Jun 2023, 14:00
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